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About Powder Paws Snowshoes



  At Powder Paws Snowshoes we believe in providing the best snowshoes at the most affordable prices by selling directly to our consumers. More valuable, user-friendly snow shoes that doesn’t sacrifice quality while being visually attractive. We are obsessively passionate about it and we want you to reap the benefits!

  We are growing fast - and are ecstatic  about being the largest independent snowshoes supplier in Western Canada. This has been accomplished through a team effort; and we are very proud to be family owned and operated.

  Our family’s passion is adventuring in the great outdoors and spending more hours outside during the day then in! As our family has grown, so has our zest and wonder for seeing and experiencing more of life together. We wanted to create the worlds best snowshoe at radically fair prices. So like us, families can economically enjoy this experience together. They are built for adventuring, creating memories and daring to find new norms.

 Above all else, we created Powder Paws Snowshoes to fulfill our ultimate mission: to inspire others to listen to that inner voice to seek adventure and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature because: after-all, ADVENTURE IS OUR THING!